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The Protective Order Defined

What is a protective order? The protective order is a first line of defense for protection against physical, mental, sexual and emotional abuse. If you are feeling threatened by another person, but they have not physically done something to you law enforcement cannot do anything to protect you. The protective order is the tool to provide that protection. It is frequently confused with a restraining order. What are Protective Orders? Protective orders are available for adults, children, and other people in your care. This order can include keeping the individual away from your home, work, or children’s school or any other place you frequent. To get a…

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Understanding Different Divorce Filing Options

When a marriage ends, it can be an emotional, mental and physical strain on anyone, even if the divorce is agreed upon. What can make this process even more difficult is all the overwhelming amount of options when it comes to the different types of filing. What do these entire options mean and what is the best for your current situation?  Fault or No-Fault Divorce: All states now should offer a no-fault divorce filing option, prior in many places a spouse had to be at fault. In some cases some will still choose to have a fault divorce rather than…

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Common Divorce Questions

Especially under all the stress you’re under, divorce can seem like a difficult, complex process. But it’s actually not. There are specific criteria for which you must meet before you file, however, the process is straightforward. A professional divorce attorney would also be helpful when walking you through each step. Although after filing for divorce, there comes all the other factors, like spousal support, division of marital property, child custody and support, etc. Check out all of the common questions asked about divorce. 1. How much will divorce cost? The cost of divorce largely depends on the complexity of the…

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