Attorney Endorsements

“I have known Kelly for several years and have many associations with him as a fellow family law attorney. I have always appreciated his professionalism and thoroughness. Kelly is a knowledgeable and respected attorney, whom I would happily endorse.”

– Dan McKay, Attorney At Law

“I have practiced with Mr. Peterson as opposing counsel in several cases. He has always been professional, competent, and holistic in his approach.”

– Tatiana Bryan, Attorney At Law

“He is an extraordinary attorney, and stands out among the attorneys in this area. In my experience, Mr. Peterson has always been well prepared for any case in which he takes a position. He does his homework, meets with his clients, and is reasonable, as well as smart in his presentations to the court and to opposing counsel. It is a pleasure to work with him because I know he always has a factual and valid legal basis for the claims he makes. He never takes a case personally, but makes decisions based on objective criteria and good research. Further, he is personable and honest.”

– Lori Fowlke, Attorney At Law

“I am impressed by Kelly’s work ethic and efficiency. He works extremely hard and is always ultra prepared for his court hearings and trials. He has refined his system of investigating and case preparation to be extremely efficient and effective. Kelly is respected by the local bar and judges, as being very competent, consistently prepared, exhibiting good judgment, and being a first rate trial lawyer. Kelly is considered to be among the most expert and proactive of district court Guardians ad Litem (GAL) attorneys in Utah. Kelly possesses integrity, honesty, civility, dependability, and professionalism. He has also demonstrated grace under pressure repeatedly. He has performed an outstanding job in a very difficult and high-conflict area of law.”

– R. John Moody, Managing Attorney, Fourth District Office of Guardian ad Litem.

“We consider him to have been a valuable asset to this firm. He has good judgment, integrity, and common sense. Further, Kelly is a skilled and capable advocate, both in transactional work and in litigation. He zealously represents his clients, but does so in a civil, professional manner, without the need to resort to posturing, intimidation, or similar tactics. We have also observed Kelly to be thorough, thoughtful, and detailed in all aspects of his practice. The foregoing qualities, together with a solid courtroom presence, have led Kelly to be well-liked and respected by the local bar and judges. Kelly engenders confidence in his clients, who find it easy to trust his judgment and advice. Most importantly, Kelly is dependable. There has not been one occasion where Kelly has failed to accomplish a task by the deadline, and the ability to depend on that trait makes him invaluable in our practice.”

– Jeff Ouderkirk & Jeff Hollen, Previous Employers

“Kelly has a unique ability to see to the heart of complex issues, dispense with frivolous matters, and focus on what is important. He has strong analytical ability and argues persuasively . Kelly has an easy, thoughtful manner that makes him…easy to work with. However, when he makes up his mind on the right course of action, he defends that position with firmness and tenacity without being overbearing. Moreover, I have observed Kelly to be both honest and ethical.”

– Judge (retired) Norman H. Jackson, Utah Court of Appeals, Previous Employer

“Kelly and I have had the privilege of working on many cases together.Through Mr. Peterson’s diligence and dedication, it is not an to state that lives were saved. Kelly is a thorough professional. Without question he is dedicated to his perception of the best interests of his clients. Kelly is decisive. He is not afraid to make a decision. I have observed him being confronted by hostile parties. In such circumstances I have always observed him to be calm, poised, and reflective. Kelly Peterson will continue to be a credit the legal profession.”

– Brent Young, Local Attorney with over 33 years experience in Family Law.

“He is passionate in his representation of the children in his care. Kelly is thorough in his trial preparation. I do not believe there is an attorney in Fourth District who understands the Rules of Civil Procedure and Rules of Evidence better than Kelly. He spends the time to meet with his clients, parents and others to be able to make recommendations as to the best interests of the children. He is both determined and persistent in advocating for them. I know there are children who are alive and healthy today because of Kelly’s willingness to go the extra mile. He will take a stand, and follow through with the steps necessary to get to a positive outcome. I have also seen Kelly serve as a very effective partner in mediations. He works with the parents in a thoughtful and kind manner. Kelly will be a wonderful asset.”

– Sandra Dredge, Local Attorney with 21+ years experience in Family Law.

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