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Because of how specialized their fields are, doctors know the best doctors, and lawyers know the best lawyers. Attorneys (including former employers) who have worked extensively with Kelly over the years have written the following testimonials and recommendations:

“Kelly and staff turned our seemingly impossible parental alienation situation into a miracle. He helped my husband gain SOLE custody of his teenage daughter. For years we felt trapped and thought we were going to lose my step daughter to her mother’s campaign of denigration against my husband and unstable lifestyle. We fought against false abuse claims and lengthy periods of time where we were denied parent time. We wasted so much money and precious time on two other law firms who made empty promises and got us absolutely nowhere. We were hesitant to retain yet another attorney 18 months ago but out of desperation attempted litigation again. Kelly exceeded our expectations and won our case by a landslide. If you are battling parental alienation or any high conflict situation, Kelly is definitely the attorney you need.”
– James K.
“He gave us a fair mediation session, was mindful of our emotional states, and provided competent legal perspective without delving into specific advice or taking sides. We got through our mediation in just four hours and we both felt like it was a fair outcome.”
– Thad G.
“ I have worked with many lawyers over the years (unwillingly divorced twice) and KP Law is without doubt the best. His strategies are excellent, his costs extremely affordable, and his court skills superior to other attornies. He advises clients against litigation if that is in their best interest even though it is not in his best interest. Would give more than five stars if I could!”
– J. Brandon.
“ Kelly is experienced and highly detail-oriented. He helped clean up the mess of my lesser-than divorce attorney. I highly recommend him. He’ll fight in your corner, and he’s the kind of attorney you want in said corner.”
– McKenzie P.
“ Working with Kelly Petersen was the best decision! He, and his office staff are very knowledgeable and professional. They were direct and honest with me, and strong and respectable in representation. I would definitely use his office again, if I needed to.”
– Jodi M.
“ Hire him! If you are searching for an attorney to help salvage your time with your children, protect your rights as a parent, and give you and your child a fighting chance at stability in your parent time schedule – make the call and hire him right now. This is our second time in litigation. We have been desperately trying to save our parent time with my husband’s daughter for nearly a decade. The difference between our first attorney and Kelly is staggering. Not only is our time protected now, but we have been granted 50/50 which is much more time than we had before. (And it isn’t even over yet). Had we hired Kelly as representation the first time, it would have saved our family a lot of grief and heartache over the years, especially my Stepdaughter. Kelly and his team take an active interest in our case. (Shout out to Kori who diligently works on our case and holds our hand along the way) They are honest about possible outcomes, and their strategy is extremely effective. With Kelly at our side I am now optimistic about the years to come with my husband’s oldest. Our voices have been heard and we can move forward in confidence.”
– Keri R.
“ My experience of Kelly Peterson is that he is an extremely competent attorney who prepares and litigates very well. I believe him to be a person of great integrity which I have seen demonstrated in his interactions with my husband and I as clients as well as in court proceedings. Kelly is a complete professional and we feel confident when he represents us that we have the best attorney possible.”
– stacie l.
“ My experience of Kelly Peterson is that he is an extremely competent attorney who prepares and litigates very well. I believe him to be a person of great integrity which I have seen demonstrated in his interactions with my husband and I as clients as well as in court proceedings. Kelly is a complete professional and we feel confident when he represents us that we have the best attorney possible.”
– stacie l.
“ Kelly Peterson and his team were absolutely wonderful they helped me get custody of my daughter and always gave me realistic expectations , under promised and over delivered . They also never made me feel like I was just another case in a stack , I’m definitely a bit of an over thinker at times and I called a lot to ask questions and they always took the time to help me understand what was going on and walked me through it all especially Kirstine! She was so great, I also never felt like they were only “about the money” I’m 23 at the time of this post and for many people my age I feel don’t have huge amounts of extra cash lying around if there was work I could do they would allow me to do it rather then charging me for every little thing, I appreciated the fact they were so attentive to me while taking care of other cases as well! They were very punctual and responsive . I probably talked their ears off with all my concerns and questions in regards to getting full custody of my daughter and they were always very happy to answer me. If anyone asks I would HIGHLY recommend Kelly Peterson and his team it was a great experience and I appreciate them so much.”
– George G.
“ I have worked continuously with this law firm for years, and dealing with Kelly and his staff is always a pleasure. They truly care about people, whether it be their clients or their vendors. There is a reason why Kelly is such an in-demand attorney – he is the best at what he does. Truly know you are in the very best hands from each staff member with this law firm.”
– Amber M.
“ Kelly Peterson and his staff did a great job for us. We are grandparents fighting for custody of our granddaughter. That is a hard case. Kelly was very thorough and fought hard for us. He knows the laws and how to work them to be in our best interest. He was able to win the case. Now we are going to be able to raise our granddaughter and keep her safe. Thanks Kelly and your wonderful staff.”
– Maren C.
“ “Without the help of the entire Kelly Peterson firm, I know that I would not have had the successful outcomes I have had. Mr. Peterson took on an extremely difficult case and encountered issues that no one expected and few had ever seen. He worked tirelessly to make sure that the my children’s best interest were defended. He has stood by every one of my requests and guided me through the entire lengthy process. Though we faced challenges, Mr. Peterson did not falter. His thorough research provided the pathway we needed to have a resolution. I will only recommend Kelly Peterson as I have never been treated better. I am proud to be a Kelly Peterson client and will continue to retain them for all legal matters that may arise as I know I am in the best hands.””
– Glaucia .
“ I needed the absolute best family lawyer to dig me out of an impossible situation, and I found him! Kelly gave me the best advice that I didn’t want to hear, and I took all of it without question. If you want the best outcome for your family matter, hire Kelly, and do whatever he says. You can trust him with all that you hold dear.”
– Kyle G.

“I would recommend the firm they all were up to date on my case and knew what was going on. Everyone was professional and knowledgeable, I saw Kelly twice and worked mainly with Ryan, they both were awesome.”

– Alan I.

“Everything was a smooth process, all my concerns were always addressed, and I enjoyed every aspect of working with the firm.”

– Richard L.

“I liked that they were always available if I had any questions or concerns and they were pretty thorough, so they explained everything to me. Everyone that I had interacted with was very professional and knowledgeable.”

– Mark N.

“It has been a really good time working with Attorney Peterson. He is extremely thorough and knowledgeable. He explained everything in detail to me, including all my options and I plan to continue to use his services.”

– Alex C.

“He was very experienced and it showed when he went to bat for my case. His communication with me the entire time was awesome, and I would recommend the firm to anyone.”

– Coby F.

“It was good. I didn’t have any problems. He did a really good job.”

– Brandon & Jody Erickson

”So far it’s been an awesome experience considering what he’s had to go through.”

– A Satisfied Client

“It was great. I would highly recommend him.”

– Ashley Bergmann

“It was awesome. It was fabulous. I love Kelly and I have no complaints.”

– Candice Brittain

“I enjoyed working with him. He was very knowledgeable and he did a great job for me! I’ve actually referred a couple of people to him because he did such a great job!”

– A Satisfied Client

“My experience was good. I didn’t have any problems and he did a really good job!”

– Brandon & Jody Erickson

“My experience was good. Everything I had to do was relatively easy, which was nice. It was a pretty good experience overall.”

– A Satisfied Client

“It went really good. I’ve used him for more than one case. He’s very professional. He helped, guided us step by step to get the outcome we wanted!”

– Derek Floyd

“Overall my experience was good. We did have a few problems in the case that ended up costing a little bit more money and time because the case was different than we thought it was going to be. Getting jurisdiction in the case was the most difficult part because my daughter was from a different state. The state she was from didn’t want to take the case either so that was the big part that ended up costing us a lot of money. It was a little difficult not knowing how to properly get jurisdiction and it cost us more up front. Once we received everything that was needed the case unfolded quickly and nicely. He had good knowledge to get them where they were going once they got jurisdiction.

He was really helpful and he didn’t give up. Neither state wanted jurisdiction and due to Kelly’s persistence to fight the case and get the proper jurisdiction, Our daughter didn’t end up in foster care. The case finished 2 years today, 5/4, and we were able to adopt her!”

– Misty Guymon

“He is okay. We picked a good firm to represent us. We worked with him for 3 years and he did very well by representing us. He was very knowledgeable, tells you which documents to gather, and he would put dictations into a word document. He means business and expects you to do your part in return.”

– Peggy Hale

“It’s still a work in progress and there have been no results yet. This is not his fault though. He’s a great communicator and seems conscious about helping me to keep my bill down which I appreciate. He’s proactive, has good ideas, and is very knowledgeable.”

– Barbara Hall

“It was good, I had no issues and it definitely helped for having a guardian ad litem.”

– Amy Hastings

“My experience was good. They did a good job and were friendly.”

– Danica Karrick

“It was fine. I don’t have a lot to go by. This is my first experience with any firm. I have no complaints.”

– Sarah Kenney

“My experience was good. The court date was coming up fast and he only had the short time to prepare. He was great. We ended up going into negotiations. I wish he would’ve let the judge decide the fate of our kids instead. There was a 25% chance that we could have prevented the kids from moving away. Kelly said he had a really good case. Instead of letting the judge decide if the kids had to move, they went into negotiations. We did this because I took his advice instead of going with my gut. This was over a year ago. We will never know what the outcome could’ve been. He explained he’d have more leverage in getting what he wanted if he did negotiate from the beginning, but still the kids ended up having to move away and they are far away from me regardless. He and his professional opinions are great, I listened to him and made the decision based off of fear instead of believing in myself and my case. Had it gone in front of the judge, there could have been a different outcome. I like how his fees work with a sliding scale depending on your income. I wish I could’ve seen him in action though.”

– A Satisfied Client

“It was good, he was easy to deal with and really good about working with them on things.”

– A Satisfied Client

“He did really well. He answered all of my questions and I appreciated his effort for helping me to get my kids back. He was really honest and upfront about everything. He told me what to expect, what I needed to hear, knew his stuff, got stuff done and got the case done really fast. So my experience was good.”

– Kenneth Larsen

“My experience was really good!”

– Michelle Lee

“It was good and I liked the way he handled things so professionally. He was very professional and confident.”

– Christopher Lewis

“It started out rocky. He has integrity, tries to save you money and he charges for actual work done. When I first met him, he literally sat down and went through the whole file. The previous attorney never even read the file. He chose which of her documents he needed and what she could take home. He had me create a chronology of events and was really organized. He read all of my documents, knew he wasn’t trying to milk me for money and that was huge.”

– Debbie Nicholson

“My experience was pretty good. He was very professional.”

– Kara Nielsen

“My experience was really good. His receptionist was on top of everything and she was really good about staying on top of everything and keeping me organized. I was under a lot of stress and this was my first time dealing anything like this, so I wasn’t sure where to start or what to do. They walked me through the process, like things I had to do to prepare. The receptionist really good at getting a hold of me and I really appreciated that. I always knew what was going on which was really good when you’re dealing with legal matters. It was nice to have someone there who walked me through the process and helped me to feel confident enough to go through with the case.”

– Gabrielle Pelzer

“He was great and I would use him again.”

– A Satisfied Client

“Overall my experience was okay. I don’t know how you could have a pleasant experience going through a special master on child custody issues. He’s fair.”

– A Satisfied Client

“Great So Far.”

– Deanna Wilson (Brooks)

“The best family law attorney firm.”

– Kathryn Gardner

“Kelly Peterson is a very experienced attorney who works hard for his clients. I would highly recommend him. Has great staff.”

– Blake Cecil

“Recommend Law Office of Kelley Peterson’s to everyone who is going thru family custody. They are nice people, flexible, and work hard on your case. We will forever be grateful. Thank you!”

– Jessica Cabrera

“Very friendly people to work with. They work super hard and they get the job done. it took a lot of stress off on me during my divorce because they answer all my questions and help me in any way possible.”

– Kristen Lake

“Kind and wonderful staff. Willing to help.”

– Taige Gardner

“I saw and spoke to several different lawyers prior to my consultation with Kelly. Each one made my case seem extremely complicated, difficult and frustrated me. Sitting down with Kelly lifted a weight off of my shoulders. I had a unique case. Mr. Peterson read through my information and discussed what action would be needed. It became quite evident that he had the experience I needed that the other lawyers I had spoken with lacked. Prompt action was taken in every step of the way. I got the results I was looking for.”

– Liane Cruz

“Kelly was truly AMAZING in my divorce/custody case. It was a lengthy and complicated process. Kelly was extremely thorough and detail oriented. He was great on keeping me on task and focused. He made sure we did not waste time on things that were not pertinent to the case. I appreciated how he streamlined the process for me. Also, the office staff and paralegals were great in always communicating with me promptly when motions were filed or approved by the court. I could not have been more pleased with KMP Law! I am more than grateful for their services.”

– Camille Barlow

“Kelly is the best attorney I have ever worked with. He’s extremely bright and thinks quick on his feet. He is always prepared and very thorough in his facts. I worked with Kelly for almost a year, during a litigation process. His method of being thorough and prepared paid off. I would highly recommend him as an attorney.”

– Brandi Winegar

“What an amazing man. I had no idea what I was doing but he kept me centered, laid a structured plan out and took care of business. He’s a very professional man and I am so thankful for his time.”

– Hannah Wiedeman

“Amazing experience. Great service. Very professional. Would recommend.”

– Tom S.

“I was very pleased with Kelly! I was impressed with his above average knowledge concerning my case and he was great at getting back to me quickly!”

– Liz Byington

“I was dealing with a custody battle and I appreciated Kelly and his secretary so much! They made me feel informed and walked me through the process of what court would be like and what I would need to bring and tips for bringing about the most success. It was great working with someone who knew what they were doing and who knew how to simplify it enough so I felt informed as well!”

– Gabrielle Pelzer

“Kelly is personable and knows his job very well. I truly felt he had my best intentions in mind and was determined not to let me be walked all over by my ex. He is sure to cover all his bases and get you what you deserve. His associates are very friendly also.”

– Danica Karrick

“Working with Kelly was great. He was able to see the real problem and was able to put into place a real solution for the best interest of my children. I was nervous about using a Guardian Ad Litem at first because of some horror stories I heard about Guardian ad litem’s siding with one or the other party out of bribery or they connected with the person better. I didn’t want to lose my kids because of someone else’s charm or money. It truly was the best decision in my custody battle. I don’t think I would be in the situation I am in without the help of Kelly. Our custody battle initially was he said/she said battle, which isn’t easy to battle to fight, but bringing in a third party that had the kids best interest was really what helped my kids overall. They may not be happy about everything. They even told Kelly that they were not happy with some of his decisions and that they wanted another attorney, but in the end, they are happier and in a healthier place.”

– Amy & BirdDog Berteaux

“Kelly is a very knowledgeable and professional attorney. He is quick to respond to questions with thorough answers. My case was resolved quickly with minimal issues due to his thorough review of the facts and understanding of the situation. I highly recommend his services!”

– Jessica Harper

“He is a really great attorney kept his Word and succeeded I was a respondent of a protective order that we came to a legal agreement and he used rule 41 the great thing is the petitioner has some of the same standards I do as well I highly recommend Kelly he knows what he’s doing he’s a great man that is a well established attorney that knows his tactics he also does his research beforehand so he knows what he’s getting into.”

– Ray Taylor

“Kelly Peterson is a very professional and competent family law attorney. He is well organized and a great communicator and knows the Utah County procedures very well. I especially appreciate how he thinks strategically and can help you see several steps ahead. I strongly recommend him and his firm.”

– Will Lysy

“I have been working with Kelly for almost two years now on a few different cases. He’s been able to get things done for me that several other attorneys have failed to do. He is thorough and follows through. He explains things very well and is direct which is what you need in an attorney, especially in Custody and Protective Order cases. His staff is amazing! Especially his Legal Assistant! She’s my Rock! I would and have recommended him to anyone.”

– Sara Lamb

“Solid lawyer with great knowledge of the law. He represented me well in court even though I did not prevail. Would hire again.”

– William Loden

“Kelly is dedicated, thorough, and one of the strongest attorneys in the courtroom. I strongly recommend him if you have a difficult case. Kelly spent countless hours investigating and researching all aspects of my case. I only recommend Kelly Peterson to get you the best outcome in the difficult field of family law! Thanks, Kelly!”

– Brett Hiatt

“Kelly is an expert on Utah family law and systematically keeps abreast of changes that could affect his clients’ cases. I have had the pleasure of working with him and love his practical intelligence in all family law matters. In addition to being knowledgeable and smart, he has extensive experience in divorce, custody, modification of orders, grandparents’ rights, and all areas of family law. I have found him to be very pleasant and easy to work with. He really cares about his clients. Most importantly, he is always well prepared and willing to fight to get his clients the very best outcome possible. I highly recommend him for all family law matters in Utah!”

– Catherine Watson

“Mr. Peterson is very smart and experienced attorney. A winning combination.”

– Kirstine Rash

“Kelly is very calm and unbiased. Fact oriented and realistic. His office staff is friendly, courteous and accommodating. I had experience with him as a special master (he has since stopped acting in that capacity). He helped us stay out of court for as long as he could.”

– Jenny Evans

“Kelly did an amazing job of keeping me grounded through the whole process. He really does diligent work and got me the best deal we could get. I’m very grateful for him and the work he and his team does.”

– Mitch Nelson

“Kelly was truly AMAZING in my divorce/custody case. It was a lengthy and complicated process. Kelly was extremely thorough and detail oriented. He was great on keeping me on task and focused. He made sure we did not waste time on things that were not pertinent to the case. I appreciated how he streamlined the process for me. Also, the office staff and paralegals were great in always communicating with me promptly when motions were filed or approved by the court. I could not have been more pleased with KMP Law! I am more than grateful for their services.”

– Camille Peterson

“Kelly and he team were great! They helped me get my kids back that I had not been able to see or talk to in 7 years. Thank you for all that you have done to help me complete my Family.”

– Kenneth Dale

“Kelly and his team were so very helpful in our family’s case not ever giving up when issues raised. We have had our daughter with us now for four years and counting. We would recommend him to anyone no questions asked. Thank you Kelly and team for all your hard work.”

– Misty Lee

“What Kelly made happen was nothing short of a miracle. I never thought I would see my children again. Because of him my children are alive and where they belong. I couldn’t have asked for more caring, dedicated, knowledgeable attorneys. I am beyond grateful.”

– Micha Soble

“Mr. Peterson was very professional and knowledgeable.”

– Kara Cazier

“Mr. Peterson is an excellent lawyer and a quality person.”

– Kirstine Freestone

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