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Practice Areas

Family/Domestic Law


Few human experiences are more difficult and emotional than the issues leading to family legal problems. Competent, objective and effective representation is usually essential to recovering your equilibrium and peace of mind.

Areas of Family Law:

  1. Family Law Financial Issues
    1. Spousal Support (Alimony)
    2. Child Support
    3. Division of Debt in Divorce
    4. Division of Property
    5. Retirement and Financial Assets
    6. Insurance
    7. Real Property
    8. Income and Earning Ability
    9. Business Ownership & Valuation
  2. At What Point In A Divorce Process Is The Divorce Finalized?
  3. Custody & Visitation
  4. Special Issues In Custody/Visitation Matters
    1. Mental Health Issues
    2. Substance Abuse Issues
    3. Parental Alienation
    4. Child Abuse and Child Neglect
    5. Termination of Parental Rights and Adoption
    6. Private Guardian ad Litem
    7. Non-Parent And Grandparent Custody
  5. Temporary Orders & Final Orders
    1. What Is A Temporary Order?
    2. What Other Tips Should I Know About Temporary Orders Hearings?
    3. What Are The Possible Remedies If I Disagree With A Temporary Order?
    4. Objecting To The Court Commissioner’s Ruling And The Role Of The Court Commissioner
  6. Protective Orders & Restraining Orders
    1. Domestic Violence
  7. Finding Evidence In Your Case
    1. Discovery In Family Law
    2. Evaluations & Expert Witnesses
  8. Enforcing Court Orders
  9. Preparing For Your Case
  10. Prenuptial Agreements and Postnuptial Agreements
  11. Post-Decree Issues
    1. Modifying Or Challenging Court Orders
      1. Modification Of Child Support Orders
      2. Modification of custody and Visitation orders
      3. Modifications of Alimony Orders
    2. Decree Modification Process
    3. What To Do Post Divorce
  12. Jurisdictional Issues
    1. How Is It Decided Which State Will Have Jurisdiction In My Custody Proceeding? And Can I Change Jurisdictions?
    2. Does The Child Need To Be Physically Present In Utah To Exercise Jurisdiction?
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