Property Division

One of our top priorities at the Law Office of Kelly Peterson is protecting your interests during your divorce. Often, property division and equitable distribution can be a complicated process, especially for those clients with high net worth marital estates. We are determined to help you resolve your basic and complex property matters as easily as possible.  Our team is determined to take every legal step possible to ensure your interests and family are protected in your divorce.  Divorce lawyer Kelly Peterson is prepared to help you with:

  • Property division and equitable distribution | We will explain how, in light of alimony and other terms being negotiated or decided by the court, certain choices will enhance the overall value of the marital estate and provide more benefit.
  • Inheritance and premarital property | Divorce lawyer Kelly Peterson will help you understand what property will be subjected to division during your divorce by identifying your premarital (separate) property, including inheritance and other assets.
  • Bankruptcy and divorce | In some cases, parties who have a lot of debt may benefit from filing bankruptcy before finalizing their divorce. We can advise you on taking steps to protect your assets and minimize your debt during or after your divorce.

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