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Modification Of Child Support Orders

In order to modify child support, a significant change not contemplated by the decree is required.

The following circumstances constitute such a significant material change:

  • if child support has not been modified within the previous 3 years, and a party’s income has changed such that there would be at least a 10% difference in the child support amount
  • changes in custody
  • a 30% or greater change in a parent’s income
  • material changes in medical needs of child
  • material changes in a parent’s ability to earn

The court is allowed to consider new children that have entered the home, but that factor may not constitute enough of a change by itself, since it could be contemplated at the time of the divorce.

General Information:

Interference with visitation by one parent does not constitute change of circumstance for purposes of changing child support, but could be a change of circumstance for purposes of modifying custody or visitation.

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