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Children are the biggest victims of domestic disputes, particularly when abuse or neglect may be a factor.  In 2012, the Utah Legislature voted to pass the representation of abused/neglected children in district court onto private attorneys. Unfortunately, many private family lawyers actively avoid these types of cases or lack the necessary experience to effectively protect children from abuse/neglect, false allegations, and parental conflict.  Kelly’s extensive experience as a previous attorney for the Office of Guardian ad Litem in district court uniquely qualifies him for these cases, which are regarded as the most contentious and emotional of all legal disputes.

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Juvenile Court

Abuse/Neglect issues, DCFS Involvement, Private Petitions for Custody or Termination, Protective Supervision Services, Child Protective Orders

Special Master Services

Use of a Special Master (which is similar to having a mediator/arbitrator on retainer), reduces litigation by nearly 1600%.  Use of a Special Master can resolve difficult disputes without the necessity of either side going to court or hiring a lawyer.  Dispute resolution using a Special Master is usually quicker and less expensive than litigating the disputed issues.


Mediators play a crucial role in resolving difficult cases amicably, and without going to court.  The more experience a mediator has in actually representing clients in family law matters, the better capable they generally are in knowing how to negotiate fair, carefully crafted agreements.  Kelly’s experience both in court and in mediation makes him uniquely qualified to mediate your case, and help you prevent a costly and contentious legal battle.

Although lawyer-mediators with Kelly’s experience and training are exceptionally effective, some mediation clients are unable to afford even his already-reduced rates.  Thus, Kelly is pleased to offer the services of one of his staff members:  a non-lawyer licensed domestic mediator with a Masters Degree in Communications who charges less than 1/3rd the amount of the average attorney-mediator.

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