The 4 Types of Child Custody: What Utah Parents Need to Know

When Utah parents choose to separate or divorce, one of the most significant concerns for their entire family is the protection and care of any children involved in the case. Determining child custody can be a tedious, emotionally charged process that takes a toll on the parents and children. Fortunately, with the right legal guidance, determining child custody and managing parenting plans can be successful. As is the case with most family law matters involving children, the best interests of the children will be the most significant concern for the court as child custody is determined. The 4 Types of…

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Emergency Child Custody in Orem, Utah: What You Need to Know

For parents, one of the most important responsibilities in life is raising, protecting, and supporting their children. Even in the best of situations, there are circumstances that cause parents fear, stress, and grief. These emotions may be exacerbated when there is conflict between the parents, such as during a separation or divorce, or if one parent is exhibiting dangerous behaviors. In Utah family courts, the best interests of the child are the center of negotiations and orders. This is true in many aspects of family law, including in child custody matters. What Is Emergency Child Custody? One of the most…

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