Utah Paternity Lawyer

Utah Paternity Lawyer When a child is born to unmarried parents, there are several steps and methods by which paternity can be established. If two unmarried people have a child out of wedlock, the biological or “putative” father must file with the state a Voluntary Declaration of Paternity, which affords him rights under the law. If the biological father does not register with the state (and strictly comply with specific requirements) within 10 days from the date where he learned or should have learned of his child’s impending adoption, he cannot object to an adoption. In terms of his paternity…

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Visitation Attorney in Provo

Where extended family is concerned in legal proceedings including custody, Provo grandparent rights and visitation can sometimes be overlooked. It is for this very reason that, if you are experiencing difficulty arranging times to see your grandchildren because of the dissolution of the relationship between one of your children and their spouse, you need to know your legal rights and then retain a Provo grandparents rights and visitation lawyer to review your particular case. In extreme cases of negligence of abuse, grandparents may be granted guardianship over their grandchildren. In such an unfortunate circumstance, it’s important that legal proceedings do…

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Protective Order Attorney in Orem

If you are looking to acquire an adult protect order in Orem, experienced Family Law Attorney Kelly Peterson can help you. As the petitioner, the party seeking the adult protective order, you will be represented in front of a commissioner rather than a judge. Orem protective order attorney Kelly Peterson has experience when it comes to meeting with commissioners for adult protective orders and will prepare you for how this differs than going to a courtroom to see a judge. There are also different types of adult protective orders in Orem so speaking to an experienced attorney like Kelly Peterson…

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Annulment vs. Divorce – Should I Hire an Orem Attorney?

Seeking an annulment or a divorce is a very important decision that should not be taken lightly but usually requires the counsel of a knowledgeable attorney. There is a significant difference between an annulment and a divorce. When a marriage is seeking a legal ending, a divorce is the result. An annulment is the decision of a court declaring that a marriage never took place. While the laws and proceedings involved in both annulments and divorces vary by state, there are guidelines to both that must be adhered to on a national level. The initiation of an annulment can be…

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Reasons to Hire A Family Law Attorney in Provo Utah

Family law practices cover a wide variety of professional legal services. Consider these reasons why others seek the help of a family lawyer, and then ask yourself if you can go it on your own. The paperwork Should you wish to represent yourself, almost every courthouse in the country has forms available that you can use without the assistance or benefit of an attorney representing you. Most people can’t even fill out those forms properly. Matters in an uncontested divorce can become quite contentious three years later when the parties realize that they had different interpretations of the language they…

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