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Utah Child Custody and Parent Time

Navigating the custody laws in Utah can be challenging for many people. What criteria are used to determine child custody laws? Typically it is based on the best interests of the child. Parents seeking to file for child custody in Utah need to hire a good attorney to represent their legal parental rights. At Kelly Peterson Law we provide representation for child custody. Here are some tips for individuals or couples looking for an amicable resolution for their children. Determine the Best Interests of a Child When determining the best interest of a child, Utah courts consider the following factors:…

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What to Look for in a Provo Child Custody Lawyer

Your child custody case is definitely one of the most emotional experiences that you can go through. You may have made the mistake of trying to negotiate a compromise with the opposing party without legal counsel. It is time to correct this mistake – there is no such thing as an equitable solution without a full rendering of the law on your side. You can bet that the opposing side has lawyers who are looking to create the most problems for you. In order to level the playing field, you need a child custody lawyer on your side who understands…

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Orem Child Custody Attorney: When to Hire One

When should I hire an Orem child custody attorney? It is often difficult to know when a parent, grandparent, or guardian should hire a child custody lawyer. The purpose of the child custody hearing is to determine the best arrangement with the needs and interests of the child in mind. Advice from a child custody lawyer helps the parent to properly assess and present the facts relating to why he or she should retain or receive custody of the child. Questions relating to the engagement of an Orem child custody attorney include: What are the costs? Legal representation can be…

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Can I Represent Myself in a Family Law Case in Orem Without an Attorney?

Can I represent myself in a family law case in Orem without an attorney? While it is possible for people to represent themselves in a divorce in Orem, it is not the best idea to do so. Family law is extremely complex and divorces are often fraught with emotional conflict. When people try to file a case pro se, they are prone to making costly mistakes, some due to problems with correctly submitting and serving paperwork, and others because the emotional nature of a divorce clouds people’s judgment. Here are several reasons you should choose to hire an attorney in…

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Reasons to Hire A Family Law Attorney in Provo Utah

Family law practices cover a wide variety of professional legal services. Consider these reasons why others seek the help of a family lawyer, and then ask yourself if you can go it on your own. The paperwork Should you wish to represent yourself, almost every courthouse in the country has forms available that you can use without the assistance or benefit of an attorney representing you. Most people can’t even fill out those forms properly. Matters in an uncontested divorce can become quite contentious three years later when the parties realize that they had different interpretations of the language they…

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Finding A Provo Attorney

Finding A Provo Attorney Each and every case is different. Chances are, you’re reading this because you’ve come to the conclusion that it’s time to retain the services of a Provo attorney. Whatever your circumstances, a Provo attorney will help you to understand the possible legal outcomes as well as your legal options. What’s important to remember when consulting a Provo attorney is that not all attorneys are equal in terms of what they can do for your particular situation. Many people consider this to be solely based on how much you pay for your Provo attorney, but this is…

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Provo Parental Alienation Lawyer

Provo Parental Alienation Lawyer Unfortunately, it is all too common that in the midst of a separation or divorce one parent uses a child or children against another parent, causing a parental alienation to arise. Whether this is intentional and premeditated or happens by accident or unintended circumstance, the outcome for the affected parent and the child or children is often traumatic. Intentional parental alienation occurs when one party engages in the following type of conduct:   disparaging the other parent to or in front of the child; reminding the child of broken promises the other parent made; informing the child…

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