Provo Parental Alienation Lawyer

Provo Parental Alienation Lawyer

Unfortunately, it is all too common that in the midst of a separation or divorce one parent uses a child or children against another parent, causing a parental alienation to arise. Whether this is intentional and premeditated or happens by accident or unintended circumstance, the outcome for the affected parent and the child or children is often traumatic.

Intentional parental alienation occurs when one party engages in the following type of conduct:   disparaging the other parent to or in front of the child; reminding the child of broken promises the other parent made; informing the child of bad things the other parent has done; and/or blaming the other parent for the breakup of the relationship, etc.

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Unintentional parental alienation can occur when a parent naively creates an environment where the child feels as if he has to choose between his/her parents. This type of parental alienation is often called a loyalty conflict. In other words, a child becomes aware of the harsh feelings between his parents and feels pressure to side with one or the other.

Regardless intentional or unintentional parental alienation, seeking counseling – both from a professional juvenile counselor and from a legal standpoint – is usually recommended. The Law Firm of Kelly Peterson deals with parental alienation cases on a regular basis, and his attorneys and staff have years of experience navigating the complex legal system involved.

Kelly Peterson counsels his parental alienation clients that there are remedies to the troubling consequences of parental alienation. What remedies to pursue depends on whether the alienation is intentional or unintentional, the age of the child or children affected, and other factors. Some remedies include court-ordered conjoint therapy, parent-child reunification therapy, sanctioning the alienating parent in court, and possibly even a change in custody or visitation. In extreme parental alienation cases, supervision of the alienating parent may be necessary.

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