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Family/Domestic Law


Few human experiences are more difficult and emotional than the issues leading to family legal problems. Competent, objective and effective representation is usually essential to recovering your equilibrium and peace of mind.

Areas of Family Law:

  1. Family Law Financial Issues
    1. Spousal Support (Alimony)
    2. Child Support
      1. If Both Parents Share Custody, Does Anyone Pay Child Support?
      2. What Happens If The Other Parent Fails To Pay Child Support?
    3. Division of Debt in Divorce
      1. Is There A Fixed Formula For The Division Of Debts In A Divorce?
      2. Does The Length Of A Marriage Impact The Division Of Debt In A Divorce?
    4. Division of Property
      1. How Does Personal Property Get Divided In A Divorce?
      2. What General Principles Govern Divorce Property Distribution In Utah?
      3. How And When Does A Court Value Or Divide Marital Property?
    5. Retirement and Financial Assets
      1. How Are Pension And Retirement Accounts Distributed?
    6. Insurance
      1. Do I Have Any Legal Right To Continue Health Coverage After A Divorce?
    7. Real Property
      1. What Is Considered Real Property As It Relates To A Divorce In Utah?
      2. What Is The Court Process For Dividing Real Property In A Divorce?
    8. Income and Earning Ability
    9. Business Ownership & Valuation
  2. Custody & Visitation
    1. Paternity
    2. Relocation
      1. What Considerations Govern Relocation Of Children After Divorce?
      2. What Factors Does The Court Consider In Allowing Relocation?
  3. Special Issues In Custody/Visitation Matters
    1. Mental Health Issues
    2. Substance Abuse Issues
      1. For What Reasons May A Spouse Be Tested For Alcohol Or Drugs In A Divorce?
      2. What Is The Process For Having The Other Parent Tested For Drugs In A Custody Case?
      3. What Happens If A Parent Fails A Drug Test In A Custody Case?
    3. Parental Alienation
      1. Do You Advise Your Clients To Keep A Journal Of Incidents With The Alienating Parent?
      2. Is It Okay To Talk To The Child About The Alienating Parent’s Behavior?
      3. Is Having A Child Psychologically Evaluated Feasible In A Parental Alienation Case?
      4. What Are Some Strategies To Avoid Negative Interaction With The Alienating Parent?
      5. What Are Some Methods Of Proving Parental Alienation?
    4. Child Abuse and Child Neglect
      1. Read More on Child Abuse Cases
      2. What Is Your Experience In Handling Child Abuse Cases?
      3. What Steps Does The Court Take After Child Abuse Is Alleged?
      4. How Can Someone Prove That Their Child Is Being Abused?
      5. Does A Child Ever Have To Testify In A Child Abuse Case?
      6. What Is Considered Neglect Of A Child?
      7. Are There Any Legitimate Defenses In Neglect Cases?
      8. What Is Actually Considered Child Abandonment?
    5. Private Guardian ad Litem
      1. What is A Guardian Ad Litem In Utah?
    6. Grandparent Rights & Grandparent Visitation
      1. What Is A Non-Parent Or Grandparent Custody Petitions?
    7. Non-Parent Custody
      1. What Rights Do Non-parents or Grandparents Have If They Are Awarded Custody?
      2. Are Non-Parent Or Grandparent Custody Petitions Temporary?
    8. Step-Child Adoption
      1. What Are The Advantages And Disadvantages Of Adopting My Spouse’s Birth Children?
      2. What Is The Process Of A Stepparent Adoption?
    9. Termination of Parental Rights
      1. What Factors Would Lead To The Termination Of Parental And/or Custodial Rights?
      2. What Factors Would Lead To The Termination Of Parental Or Custodial Rights? (Video)
      3. Is Criminal Conduct Alone Abandonment, or Grounds For Termination Of Parental Rights?
      4. Under What Circumstances Will A Parent’s Or Guardian’s Rights Be Terminated?
  4. At What Point In A Divorce Process Is The Divorce Finalized?
  5. Temporary Orders & Final Orders
    1. What Is A Temporary Order?
    2. What Other Tips Should I Know About Temporary Orders Hearings?
    3. What Are The Possible Remedies If I Disagree With A Temporary Order?
    4. Objecting To The Court Commissioner’s Ruling And The Role Of The Court Commissioner
  6. Protective Orders & Restraining Orders
    1. Domestic Violence
  7. Finding Evidence In Your Case
    1. Discovery In Family Law
      1. How Does “Discovery” Help In A Family Law Case?
      2. What Are The Various Types Of Discovery In a Family Law Case?
      3. What Happens If One Side Fails Adequately To Respond To Discovery?
    2. Evaluations & Expert Witnesses
  8. Enforcing Court Orders
    1. An Overview Of Enforcement of Court Orders
    2. What Is A Motion To Enforce A Court Order Or An Order To Show Cause?
    3. What Steps Will The Court Take If They Decide To Enforce A Court Order?
    4. What Happens If One Of The Parties Involved In a Court Order Lives Out Of State?
    5. Should I Wait Until I Have A List Of Questions Before Discussing Issues With My Attorney?
    6. How Can I Deal With The Emotional Strain Of My Family Law Case?
    7. What Documents Should I Have Prior To Seeing An Attorney For A Family Law Matter?
    8. What Is A Motion To Enforce A Court Order Or An Order To Show Cause?
  9. Preparing For Your Case
    1. Prenuptial Agreements
      1. What Is The Uniform Pre-Marital Agreement Act?
      2. What Could Keep A Pre-Marital Agreement From Being Enforceable?
  10. Post-Decree Issues
    1. Modifying Or Challenging Court Orders
      1. What Options Do I Have If I Disagree with the Judge’s Orders in a Family Law Case?
      2. Modifying Custody & Visitation
      3. Decree Modification Process
    2. What To Do Post Divorce
  11. Jurisdictional Issues
    1. Do I Have To Change My Name After A Divorce?
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