What to Look for in a Provo Child Custody Lawyer

Your child custody case is definitely one of the most emotional experiences that you can go through.

You may have made the mistake of trying to negotiate a compromise with the opposing party without legal counsel. It is time to correct this mistake – there is no such thing as an equitable solution without a full rendering of the law on your side.

You can bet that the opposing side has lawyers who are looking to create the most problems for you. In order to level the playing field, you need a child custody lawyer on your side who understands the tricks that your opposition will use.

What does that mean?

They will play on your emotions, and they will use the court system against you.

Here is how you find a child custody lawyer who can turn the tide back in your favor:

First of all, you need a detail-oriented custody lawyer.

In child custody cases and other kinds of family law, details make all of the difference. Everyone is looking for the worst part of the other person to come out, and if you do not have the details on your side that speak for you, the details from the other side will kill your case.

You need a lawyer who understands how to bring out the appropriate details on your side as well as on the other side. You will be able to determine this in consultation.

  • Does your lawyer ask questions that make you raise an eyebrow?
  • Does your lawyer ask questions that allow you to showcase your willingness and your resources to raise a child?

Secondly, you need an honest lawyer.

You may think that you need some sort of a pitbull in order to undermine the lawyers on the other side of the table.

However, judges in family law cases usually consider the needs of the child above the needs of either parent. This means that if one side in a case is caught lying, they lose a great deal of trust from the judge.

  • Judges and lawyers interact a great deal.
  • Judges are well aware of the personalities of lawyers, the tactics they will use and the types of clients they take.
  • If a judge does not like a lawyer based on the tactics that lawyer used in the past, it can affect your case in the present.
  • This is why you must check on the reputation of any lawyer that you retain.

You need a lawyer that understands local ordinances.

Although there are some overarching laws that are set down by the federal and state governments, there are also local ordinances that must be taken into account.

You need a lawyer that understands how to use the local law to your advantage in a family law case. This often means that you should retain a lawyer with a great deal of experience in the same locale for a long time.

Do not settle for a lawyer that has lots of courtroom time that does not pertain to your case in particular.

Call an experienced family law attorney who specializes in custody cases, divorce, and family issues.

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