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Divorce law is very complex and often changing, not only because of changes to the law but also because of how unique each family is. As a Child Welfare Law Specialist (CWLS), Provo divorce lawyer Kelly Peterson is uniquely qualified to walk you through the process of filing for divorce in Provo. Utah County divorce cases with many assets or a lot of debt will be treated significantly differently than divorce cases without a multitude of debt or assets. The presence of minor children in the home creates an added layer of complexity and presents numerous issues that your divorce lawyer will need to address such as: child support, custody, visitation determinations and any safety planning necessary for the children.

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On the financial side of things, property division, alimony, retirement accounts, and real estate each present their own unique challenges and sets of rules. Because of the numerous issues that need to be considered, a party undergoing a divorce may easily feel overwhelmed and discouraged. This is particularly true where it feels as if the person who was your greatest friend and ally has now become your adversary. Divorce lawyer Kelly Peterson has experience and the know-how to help guide you through this difficult process. One of the greatest challenges when filing for divorce is knowing: – Which steps to take when, – Whether to attempt settlement early or later in the case, and how to do so most effectively – knowing which battles you should fight and on which issues to compromise. Sometimes, meeting your long term goals requires moving in stages rather than trying to accomplish everything all at once.

Legal Separation

The steps for obtaining legal separation are almost identical to those of a divorce. The only difference is that the marriage is not dissolved. Sometimes a couple is undecided as to whether they wish to divorce or try again. Sometimes a couple simply needs space from each other as they evaluate their options or work on their relationship. Legal separation can sometimes aid that process. Moreover, if the parties determine that a divorce should occur, it is simple and easy for divorce lawyer Kelly Peterson to help you convert a legal separation case into a divorce case. Sometimes, legal separation is an attractive option to couples in the sunset of their lives, who are confident they will not remarry and for family, moral or social reasons, would rather not dissolve the marriage. The advantage to undergoing a legal separation is to disentangle the parties from one another in an effort to avoid opportunities for conflict. By disengaging the parties’ financial responsibilities from one another, they become free to focus on their relationship, if desired, and to focus on individual life improvements. If children are involved, legal separation can clarify the parties’ duties relative to the children and help avoid misunderstandings.

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