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How Can I Plan To Pay For A Divorce Attorney, As A Stay-At-Home Parent?

Very often, stay-at-home parents must rely on family help or credit to pay their attorney’s initial retainer. Sometimes, they rely on joint credit cards. Depending on the circumstances of the case, they can file a motion under Utah Rule of Civil Procedure 102 asking the court to order the other side to pay attorney’s fees, so that they can have the funds necessary to pay their attorney. However, generally, attorneys will wish to be paid first. A portion of the attorney’s retainer, which has already been paid, can then be used to file a motion under rule 102 to ask the court to order additional funds be made available for the stay-at-home parent’s defense.

Oftentimes, a stay-at-home parent can stretch their money by hiring their attorney “unbundled” or “limited-scope”, meaning that the attorney will give forms, advice, direction, and strategy planning that will allow their client to do much of the rest of the work. Although not as helpful as hiring an attorney full-time, this option is much better than going it alone.

At What Point Before Filing For Divorce, As A Stay-At-Home Parent, Should I Contact An Attorney?

As soon as a stay-at-home parent believes they may be filing a divorce or custody petition, they should contact an attorney. The more time an attorney has to prepare their client and steer them away from mistakes, the better.

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