Evaluations & Expert Witnesses

In a domestic family law case, there are multiple types of expert witnesses or evaluations that can be done to help a party prepare for trial, and to obtain necessary information and leverage for the purposes of negotiation.

The most common evaluators and experts include:

  • A vocational assessment.
  • Custody evaluation.
  • Visitation evaluation.
  • Parental fitness evaluation.
  • Forensic psychologist to oppose an unfavorable custody or visitation evaluation.
  • Domestic violence evaluation.
  • Substance abuse evaluation and testing.
  • Parental fitness evaluation.
  • Private investigator.
  • A “treating expert” or “treating therapist” such as someone’s doctor or therapist who is treating them—not for purposes of litigation but just to assist them with their medical or therapeutic needs.
  • A forensic medical evaluator.
  • A forensic accountant or bookkeeper.

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