Can I Represent Myself in a Family Law Case in Orem Without an Attorney?

Can I represent myself in a family law case in Orem without an attorney?

While it is possible for people to represent themselves in a divorce in Orem, it is not the best idea to do so. Family law is extremely complex and divorces are often fraught with emotional conflict. When people try to file a case pro se, they are prone to making costly mistakes, some due to problems with correctly submitting and serving paperwork, and others because the emotional nature of a divorce clouds people’s judgment. Here are several reasons you should choose to hire an attorney in Orem before filing for divorce.

1. Receiving the benefit of expert advice

Family law attorneys keep up-to-date on the latest cases and statutes affecting divorce cases in the state. They often use the help of others, including valuations experts, investigators, accountants and appraisers to help their clients understand exactly how much their marital estates are worth and what share they should be entitled to. If you file without help, you are likely to forget to include certain debts or assets out of your property division, and after the decree is issued, you will then have little recourse regarding them.

2. Reducing stress

Hiring an attorney to help with your divorce can also help by taking stress off of your shoulders. While an attorney will need to gather documentation and information from his or her client, he or she will also do everything else for his or her client during the divorce. This includes drafting and filing all of the paperwork, conducting service of process on the other spouse, demanding discovery from the other spouse and negotiating possible agreements. Having an attorney take care of all of those facets can allow you time to take care of yourself and your family relatively stress-free.

3. Having enforceable and clear agreements

Even if you are able to negotiate an agreement with your spouse, if the agreement is unclear or contains legally unenforceable language, it may be difficult to understand or enforce in the event problems later arise. An attorney can help by drafting agreements that are clear, legally sound and enforceable if problems ever arise.

There are many reasons to hire a family law attorney prior to filing for divorce in Orem. While people can try to complete court-provided forms, they are prone to making mistakes that could cost them financially and emotionally in the future.

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