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Provo attorney Kelly Peterson specializes in Previous Order Modification cases and holds a Child Welfare Law Specialist designation. Kelly has handled hundreds of cases and successfully represented many clients throughout Utah County.



The breakdown of a marriage is almost always a difficult emotional experience. The idea of going through a long and complicated legal process can often seem overwhelming. There are many important issues, which must be resolved. Experienced divorce lawyer Kelly Peterson will help you from the beginning through the end of the divorce process. Read More



When parties who are unmarried have a child, and disputes arise over the establishment of paternity, custody, visitation and support, the type of suit filed depends on the status of the father.


Presumed Father. A presumed father is one who is legally presumed under the law to be a child’s father, although that presumption can often be legally challenged and/or rebutted in a court of law. Read More

Modification of Previous Order

Modification of Previous Orders

  • Custody, Visitation
  • Alimony, child support

Interference with visitation by one parent does not constitute change of circumstance for purposes of changing child support, but could be a change of circumstance for purposes of modifying custody or visitation.


Provo Attorney Kelly Peterson has successfully handled Modification of Previous Order cases throughout Utah County. Having earned the CWLS (child welfare law specialist) designation, Kelly Peterson is uniquely qualified to help you obtain a modification of a previous order.


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Child Support

Child Support

Regardless of whether you will be paying or receiving child support, it is important that your child support order be fair and based on accurate information. Under Utah law, the court will issue an order for child support based on the Utah Child Support Guidelines. Read More

Domestic Violence

Domestic Violence and Protective Orders

Several states have different laws pertaining to domestic violence. In a number of states, people are entitled to refuse testimony against their spouse in a court proceeding. Utah Code § 76-5-109.1 deems it is a crime for anyone to commit domestic violence in the presence of a child.


Utah County attorney Kelly Peterson protects clients involved in domestic violence proceedings, allowing them to get the help they need to move on. Every divorce, dissolution of a relationship or child custody dispute involves pain and disappointment. It is not surprising, then, that domestic violence is often an issue. If abuse or an accusation of abuse is an issue in your family, secure the legal protection you need in order to move forward with confidence. Read More

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