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Custody disputes may arise from divorces, paternity actions if the parties were never married and modifications of previous custody orders.



When parties who are unmarried have a child, and disputes arise over the establishment of paternity, custody, visitation and support, the type of suit filed depends on the status of the father.


Presumed Father. A presumed father is one who is legally presumed under the law to be a child’s father, although that presumption can often be legally challenged and/or rebutted in a court of law. Read More



There are 3 basic types depending on the number of children. There is legal custody, which essentially means the ability and the rights and the responsibilities to make decisions regarding medical care, educational, religious decisions, and those kinds of things for a child. Read More

Grandparent and Non-Parent Custody

Grandparent and Non-Parent Custody

Can Non-Parents Challenge a Parent’s Right to Custody?


Yes. The “parental presumption” is a legal assumption that the children would be better off with a parent than a grandparent or other non-parent, and that a parent’s decisions regarding a child will be in the best interest of the child.


However, the parental presumption may be rebutted. Once the parental presumption is rebutted, non-parents, such as grandparents, can be on equal footing with parents in their bid for custody or visitation. Read More

Modification of Previous Order

Modification of Previous Orders

  • Custody, Visitation
  • Alimony, child support

Interference with visitation by one parent does not constitute change of circumstance for purposes of changing child support, but could be a change of circumstance for purposes of modifying custody or visitation.


Provo Attorney Kelly Peterson has successfully handled Modification of Previous Order cases throughout Utah County. Having earned the CWLS (child welfare law specialist) designation, Kelly Peterson is uniquely qualified to help you obtain a modification of a previous order.


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Father’s Rights

Father’s Rights

25 to 30 years ago there was a doctrine in the state of Utah called the “child of tender years” doctrine, that basically stood for the idea that young children are generally better off with their mother. As research into parents and children became more advanced, the research didn’t support that idea. Legislatures throughout the country began to catch up. So this “primary caretaker presumption” supplanted the idea that a child would be better off with their mother. It often still favors mothers simply because statistically, more mothers are primary caretakers than are fathers, but it removed the gender as being the issue. Unfortunately in the state of Utah there are a number of firms who market to fathers by fanning the flames of their fear that a woman’s gender automatically gives her an advantage in court. That’s no longer true, but unfortunately it is a marketing tool that has been used. Read More

Child support

Child support

Regardless of whether you will be paying or receiving child support, it is important that your child support order be fair and based on accurate information. Under Utah law, the court will issue an order for child support based on the Utah Child Support Guidelines. Read More

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