Who Do You Typically Represent In These Cases?

I represent both type parties. Historically, however, usually I represent non-parents or grandparents. The reason for that is simple; parents who abused or neglected their children very often are dealing with substance abuse or mental health issues. Parents like that usually cannot afford an attorney, or else they receive a court-appointed attorney in juvenile court.

Why Do You Think That You Have Great Concern For Children Involved In Custody Cases?

That’s probably a function of my background and training. Again, I was a Guardian ad Litem for 8 years where it was my primary job to safeguard the children’s welfare. Being steeped in the psychology and training and relating to child related issues for so long left a permanent impression. Having my own children also causes me to think more deeply about the issues rather than arriving quickly at black and white decisions. When I was a younger attorney and had not yet experienced teenagers, multiple children, or children that have special needs, I tended to arrive at decisions more quickly and in a more black and white fashion. At a later stage in life, I can now see facets of various problems more clearly. There is a stronger experiential here is a link between my own experience and the principles that I’ve learned from evaluators, psychologists, and other professionals.

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