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Divorce Attorney in Provo

Divorce is no doubt one of the toughest and most trying situations that affects couples and/or families. If a couple has reached a point from which there is no reconciliation, they may want to consider enlisting the help of a Provo divorce attorney to help them understand the legal implications and considerations for filing divorce paperwork.

In addition to the mental and personal stresses and pain that divorce can cause, both couples and families will find it necessary to legally separate and then initiate divorce proceedings. Whether the divorce is amiable and the couple can use one Provo divorce attorney, or whether the divorce and all requisite tangible possessions are contested and each person in the divorce will need to retain their own individual Provo divorce attorney depends entirely on the circumstances involved and the impetus for the divorce in the first place.

Provo Divorce Attorney Kelly Peterson Helps Clients Efficiently Resolve Divorce Cases and Bring Closure

When considering the sheer number of those in the legal profession who would call themselves a Provo divorce attorney, Kelly Peterson and will be an invaluable resource. With years of experience as a Provo divorce attorney, Kelly Peterson has made a name for himself as a fair and honest mediator between parties as well as – when the time calls for it – a highly effective and aggressive legal representative for his clients in Provo and Utah as a whole.


The need for a Provo divorce attorney is absolute and pressing when complications to divorce arise, including:

  • Pre-nuptial agreements;
  • Dependent children and parental custody;
  • Tangible assets and division of property;
  • Alimony agreements;
  • Child support arrangements.

Kelly Peterson has dealt with cases and situations of all types in his experience as a Provo divorce attorney. At, you will find Provo divorce attorney knowledge, know-how, and answers to a variety of questions you may have about filing for divorce or a potential timeline of events.


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