Reasons to Hire A Family Law Attorney in Provo Utah

Family law practices cover a wide variety of professional legal services. Consider these reasons why others seek the help of a family lawyer, and then ask yourself if you can go it on your own.

The paperwork

Should you wish to represent yourself, almost every courthouse in the country has forms available that you can use without the assistance or benefit of an attorney representing you. Most people can’t even fill out those forms properly. Matters in an uncontested divorce can become quite contentious three years later when the parties realize that they had different interpretations of the language they agreed on without the clarification that an attorney would have provided. Where do they go five three later? They go to a family law attorney.


Emotions are commonly high in family matters. Decisions can’t be influenced by the emotions of either party to a family case. The experienced family law attorney see clients’ emotions daily. It’s highly unlikely that recommendations and/or decisions made by that attorney during the course of litigation will be affected by their emotions.

Learning the law

You don’t want a doctor that’s just learning how to remove your appendix, and you don’t want a lawyer that’s just learning family law. When you represent yourself, you’re not even learning the tip of the iceberg on family law. The law in every state is different, and often procedures are different from county to county. The Provo attorney concentrating their practice in family law knows Utah family law and the local procedures in surrounding counties. You can avoid making mistakes because you didn’t know or misunderstood the law.

Rules must be followed

If you want to represent yourself in family court, there are state court rules, civil rules, local rules, rules of evidence, procedure, service, pleading, and the judge’s own rules in his or her courtroom. You don’t know any of those rules. You’re stumbling in a minefield. You’re expected to know those rules and follow them. Good luck on that. Each family matter is different because each person in a family is different. If we can get you through your matter with just a few short court appearances, that’s exactly what we’ll do. We’ve been on both sides of the courtroom. We know what’s best for you.

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