Protective Order Attorney in Orem

If you are looking to acquire an adult protect order in Orem, experienced Family Law Attorney Kelly Peterson can help you. As the petitioner, the party seeking the adult protective order, you will be represented in front of a commissioner rather than a judge. Orem protective order attorney Kelly Peterson has experience when it comes to meeting with commissioners for adult protective orders and will prepare you for how this differs than going to a courtroom to see a judge. There are also different types of adult protective orders in Orem so speaking to an experienced attorney like Kelly Peterson can help you to know which type of order you need to seek.

If you have been served with a protective order in Orem and need to better understand your legal rights as the respondent, the party served with a protective order, attorney Kelly Peterson can help you understand the terms of the protective order and ensure that you understand all of your legal rights and how best to comply with the Orem protective order.

Child Protective Order Attorney in Orem

When it comes to children, most legal matters are sensitive and child protective orders are no different. If you would like to seek a child protective order in Orem, using an experienced attorney like Kelly Peterson will help ensure that you understand all your options and that the best interest of the child is represented throughout the protective order process. Orem Protective Order Attorney Kelly Peterson not only has experience with Orem Child Protective Orders, but he is also a CWLS which stands for Child Welfare Law Specialist. This special certification issued by the National Association of Counsel for Children is only available for lawyers with more than 3 years experience, significant child welfare law experience and additional continuing education courses. Working with a CWLS allows you to rest assured that the child protective order attorney you have contacted is experienced and will be able to help you ensure that the best interest of the child is the top priority.

Additional Information about Orem Protective Orders

If you are looking for additional information or resources, please see our protective orders page. Orem Protective Order Attorney Kelly Peterson has compiled great information about protective orders, restraining orders, temporary restraining orders, adult protective orders and child protective orders to help potential clients and current clients understand the complex laws surrounding protective orders in Orem. You can also request a consultation on our website or call the Law Office of Kelly Peterson at (801) 616-3301.

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