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How should I prepare for my Utah child custody evaluation?

Don’t Schedule Your Child Custody Evaluation Until You Read Our Eight Essentials:


1.  Remember this:

  • The evaluator is not your friend and they are not on your side, even if you are the one requesting the evaluation.
  • They are there to objectively evaluate both parents’ ability to provide the best living situation for the children.


2.  Be completely open and honest with the evaluator.

  • These are trained professionals who know how to detect lying behaviors.
  • If they believe you are lying or hiding something, it can negatively affect their report.


3.  Keep all your appointments with the evaluator and show up on time or early.


4.  Make a good first impression by having your living area clean and orderly.


5.  Be prepared.

  • Write out your questions and relevant information in advance.
  • Have all your children’s records available for referral during the interview.
  • Be ready to provide the evaluator with any information they need, such as the contact numbers of people who know your family.
  • Take notes during the conversation and write down any additional questions.


6.  Have a positive attitude and try not to be overly negative about the other parent.

  • Don’t talk about what made the other parent a bad spouse.
  • You will get the opportunity to talk about concerns regarding the other parent, but you should make sure to express them objectively in the form of strengths and weaknesses.
  • Do not say anything about the other parent that you cannot support with actual evidence.


 7.  Above all, focus on parenting and on the children.

  • Be ready to objectively talk about what is in the best interests of your kids.
  • Be yourself and cooperate with the evaluator.
  • Answer every question directly and refrain from giving vague answers.


Preparing for the child custody evaluation can be stressful for any parent, but it is an essential part of the divorce process when children are involved.

It is natural for the process and evaluation to be rife with strong feelings from both sides.

In addition to these simple tips, your attorney will help you prepare by describing the process and what to expect. If you don’t have a lawyer yet and need legal representation, please contact us today.



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