Co-Parenting Issue: How to Deal With Child Visitation Refusals

There are a number of problems parents face after divorce, but one of the hardest is when a child refuses to leave for a scheduled visitation with the other parent. While the child may have a preference for one parent, legally, the other parent is entitled to time with the child based on the court’s ruling. Here are some things you can do to deal with this challenging situation and handle it with dignity: Ask questions. You need to talk to your child and look for the cause. Does your child want more time with you, or is there a…

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Documents You Need to Update After Divorce

Has your divorce become final? Once you receive a divorce decree, you will need to update several things from bank accounts to credit cards and life insurance policies. Updating these records prevents your ex from becoming the beneficiary in the event of your death. Many people will update a drivers license after a divorce to reflect a different last name (if you change it).  Here are the most important documents you need to update after a divorce: Social Security Card. If you want to change your name, you will need to file your divorce decree with the Social Security Administration.…

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The Protective Order Defined

What is a protective order? The protective order is a first line of defense for protection against physical, mental, sexual and emotional abuse. If you are feeling threatened by another person, but they have not physically done something to you law enforcement cannot do anything to protect you. The protective order is the tool to provide that protection. It is frequently confused with a restraining order. What are Protective Orders? Protective orders are available for adults, children, and other people in your care. This order can include keeping the individual away from your home, work, or children’s school or any other place you frequent. To get a…

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*Child Welfare Law Specialist Nat’l Assoc. of Counsel for Children