Should I File a Protective Order or a Restraining Order in Provo, Utah?

In Utah, you can file a protective order and restraining order if you want to stop violent or threatening behavior. These two orders are used interchangeably though they are very different. Let us help you understand the difference between the two orders and how to best protect yourself and your children.   What is a Protective Order? A protective order is filed to protect you and your family from a violent individual who is cohabiting with you. This legal action starts by filing a formal request for a Utah protective order with your local district court in Provo, Orem, or your nearest town. If the…

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How should I prepare for my Utah child custody evaluation?

Don’t Schedule Your Child Custody Evaluation Until You Read Our Eight Essentials:   1.  Remember this: The evaluator is not your friend and they are not on your side, even if you are the one requesting the evaluation. They are there to objectively evaluate both parents’ ability to provide the best living situation for the children.   2.  Be completely open and honest with the evaluator. These are trained professionals who know how to detect lying behaviors. If they believe you are lying or hiding something, it can negatively affect their report.   3.  Keep all your appointments with the evaluator…

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*Child Welfare Law Specialist Nat’l Assoc. of Counsel for Children